No One is entitled to Respect

Chris Gardner, noteworthy self-made man, was on the news the other day talking about leadership and self-respect. It was a pretty remarkable program and if you have CNN or a decent service like www.SlackWare.org with all the news channels, it's worth hunting down. For those that don't know, Gardner was most notable for his slogan which he adopted from his mother: "The cavalry ain't coming."

It applies to a lot of things in life including leadership. Leadership, unfortunately, is a rather lofty goal that few people really appreciate or understand the weight.

Leadership is not just a position of power, it's a state of mind and a belief in two things - the belief in yourself and the belief you demand others to have in you. Unfortunately, while everyone is entitled to a certain, minimal level of decency, no one is entitled to respect - you earn it.

Another man who felt the same way was the late Sir Winston Churchill. Back in the day of WWII, Churchill's slogan was short and sweet: "Deserve victory!"

You have to deserve leadership and you have to deserve and earn the respect associated with it. That is the only way true leadership and true trust toward a common goal can ever be achieved.


Defining Success By Developing Leadership Skills

Some people love group work, and some people just wish that they could work on their own, but no matter how you feel about it, you will find that having some leadership skills underneath your belt can make things go a lot faster and a lot more smoothly. Take a moment to learn more about what kind of leadership skills you should consider fostering.

In the first place, take a moment to think about speaking up. One thing about leaders is that you can hear them. Even if you are not the leader of the entire group, you can be the leader of the group when you are in the situation where you know the most. Speak clearly, and when you are nervous about it, speak more slowly. The more clearly you speak, the more control you have over the situation.

If you are someone who is looking for more leadership opportunities, make sure that you learn to say yes and no. Say yes when you know that you can accomplish something, but if you are feeling overwhelmed, be willing to say no. Your no can teach people to respect your boundaries a lot more clearly than a wobbly yes or maybe will.


Defining Success By Working As Part Of A Group

Developing leadership skills within the workplace is the best way to solve company problems as a team. When you are working as part of a group, then you have access to a variety of unique solutions for company problems. A group that works together needs a strong leader. The leader should take charge and encourage the group to express ideas and solutions. Good communication skills are developed through group meetings. Encourage your group to become actively involved in problem solving. Present the problem and ask the entire group for solutions. Participants in the group should be encouraged to participate by praising their suggestions.

Many corporations use these types of techniques to solve company problems. It also makes employees feel appreciated when their opinion is valued. You can also improve the moral in a department just by asking for group involvement. Use a chalkboard to record suggestions and develop solutions. You can also try a few problem solving techniques to determine their effectiveness in the workplace. If the solution doesn't solve the problem, you can ask the group to meet again to come up with a new solution. Group problem solving techniques can be used to increase productivity in the workplace.


Defining Success Through Cooperation In Your Job

There are always those who disrupt the work environment with constant complaints, the undermining of other workers for potential gain or those who do as little work as possible. Others come to work to do their job and do it to the best of their ability.

Doing a job well is the first key to cooperation for it sets a positive example for other employees. However, life is not lived in a vacuum. How you treat others has a direct bearing on not only how far you might be able to go in the company, but also in your satisfaction with the work itself. Treating bosses and employees with respect makes you a leader, whether or not you have any title at all. Respecting others shows that you have succeeded in first respecting yourself.

When you treat others with respect, don't try to hog the spotlight and work with, not against others, the job becomes more pleasant for all concerned. Managers and supervisors often look to reward employees who have a positive attitude toward their job as they cooperate with other employees.

Success isn't the job, it is how you respond within that setting. Cooperation is one key to long-term success.


Defining Success Through Cooperation In Your Community

It is said that there is power in numbers. What one cannot achieve alone, one can achieve in collaboration with others. Of course there are situations where one person is clearly the leader and makes everyone their followers but those scenarios are not our daily scenarios. Most of the daily tasks are better performed when a community collaborates. Through cooperation with others, we can sometimes take better decisions and make use of collective wisdom.

One skill that is critical to working in collaboration is to be able to listen to all voices and opinions. If a leader does not have this skill, it will be hard for them to work in collaboration with others. One should be able to listen to all ideas and opinions and then be able to make a final call which is in line with what is best for the task at hand.

Another critical quality one needs to have is not see success as personal success but rather a community success or team success. If a leader is able to put personal goals aside and make the right decisions for the community, they will gain more respect from others. This will mean more success for them overall.


How To Achieve Success Through Cooperation In Your Community

Human beings are not islands unto themselves. Even the most introverted and secluded amongst us need others to succeed and be happy. Some people are more self sufficient than others, but there is something about the human experience that thrives on cooperation. Working with others allows us to achieve great things.

When the people around us share a common goal or insight with our own, cooperation is easy. But what about the times we don't have much in common with the people from whom we need cooperation? These are the situations where humility, humor and logic come into play. Most leaders are not born, they earn the title. A large part of earning a position of leadership comes from learning to bring people together - regardless of the circumstances. Being the first to take a step toward the other shows humility and confidence. It's rare that making the first effort isn't rewarded with someone else making at least the same amount of effort. Lightening the mood with a smile can bring people together immediately. Emotions can be useful, but logically appealing for cooperation usually makes others feel more respected and open to the experience of working toward a greater cause.What's 1 more click? Your boss isn't watching... Men Cooperate as Well as Women - Sometimes


How To Achieve Success Through Cooperation In Your Job

To be a great leader, you have to learn how to follow. Followers are needed for someone to become a leader. If your job requires you to work with others, you should not hate the idea and just cruise through the project. You should bring energy and new ideas to your group. It is true that working in groups has its up sides and downsides. One downside is that you can not control what other people choose to do. All it takes is one negative person to bring down the productivity of a team. An upside of working on group projects in your company is that you can make your group better and bring positive features to the table then your employer will see it and have a good perception of you.

Learning cooperation skills in your job can teach you skills that you may not have been so good at before. If your employer notices that you are good at working in groups, he will think more of you because you can communicate with others. Overtime this can be an aspect that your employer loves about you that can cause you to receive a promotion. Working with others will also create some kind of relationship between you and other co workers.


Being a Better Leader

Maybe you've seen one too many horrible boss stories on DIRECT.TV or maybe you've got a horrible boss yourself. Whatever the case, you can't be afraid to lead and we've got some suggestions for doing it the right, effective way. Delegate and Let it Go: There's nothing worse than a boss that doesn't trust employees to take their assigned tasks and do them well. If you delegate something out, leave it be, and once something goes wrong THEN you can make a decision for next time. Be Clear: Being unclear is the cardinal sin of leadership - people below you need to know what is expected of them exactly. At the risk of sounding too wordy, write out your requirements in full and give as much detail as possible and as always, be receptive to questions. Check In: Don't just give an assignment then disappearcheck in at least once during its completion to see how things are going. This will give a great opportunity for your underlings to ask questions and if things are off track you've got the chance to say so.


Achieving Success By Working As Part Of A Group

Success cannot be achieved alone. Every time it involves others in some way. Here are three ways that being a part of a group can help you get there.

First, you don't have all the answers. But if you know who to ask, you're going to do well. Have some humility to ask others about things you don't know. Also, develop a sense of curiosity and learning. By constantly learning and asking, you'll gain knowledge and gain friends.

Next, in order to ask others for answers, you need to have good relationships with them. If there's some give and take in these relationships, then you may have friends who just might help propel you to your success. That is, if you help them. Success always comes out of good relationships.

Finally, working as a part of a group gives you a sense of belonging. Its almost like a family. The group is on a mission and everyone is working together cohesively to get the job done.

Once you finish the project, everyone will have a sense of accomplishment and pride in what has been completed. There's nothing like that feeling. And you'll want to go ahead and do it again.


Achieving Success Through Cooperation In Your Job

Reaching your personal goals in your career, especially if you are seeking a leadership position is only possible through being able to work on a team effectively. Although the benefits of being able to work alone efficiently are also admirable, having the versatility and the social skills to work with people and create cooperation and unity will take you far in proving your ability as a leader.

When a person is able to work along side others and create team, office or community harmony, that person will be the one who is able to achieve great things. There is always someone in an office setting or community that is looked to as the silent leader. A silent leader is one that although they may not have the title, they have the respect to be heard and followed. Employers want the silent leader to be on their team.

Whether or not your job requires you to work directly on projects with others, most jobs do require people to work side by side and in a shared environment. Even in the most competitive atmospheres walking along side your peers and showing a team attitude of support will prove you as a leader.

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